Last year, I decided to run a half marathon every month for charity. I ended up doing 3 extra and completing 15 half marathons in 12 months for Beat.

It’s pretty rare for me to admit I am proud of myself. But on this one occasion I’ll admit it – I’m proud I set myself a challenge and accomplished it. A challenge that not anyone can do, nor will do. 

I run a lot and love it but that didn’t make any part of the challenge any easier. I forked out a tonne of money paying for entry to 8 of the half marathons; the rest I ran alone which isn’t exactly easy to motivate yourself to do when it is freezing cold out: or the opposite; baking hot on the hottest day of the year. Or when your legs no longer want to move forward and your knees feel like they are about to give up on you. Or when you are struggling so much mentally you just want to curl into a ball and cry. Or when you just cannot be bothered any more.

The fact that I did this, and that others set themselves and accomplish incredible challenges on a daily basis only adds to my frustration of how ridiculous some of the stupid-ass “challenges” I see pop up on my Facebook feed on what feels like a regular basis.

Downing a pint of alcohol based disgustingly adapted drink is NOT a challenge: it is stupid and in some cases lost people their lives. Jolly good show all round. Not.

So this weeks “motherhood challenge” hit several nerves. Nominating one of your friends who you think is a great mother? Seriously? Here are my various reasons as to why this is ridiculous:

1) 9/10 people would probably support their friends no matter what – even the worst mothers will have some dumb “yes man” friend nominating them.

2) you’re a good mum? Well bloody done – that is the least I wold expect from someone making a choice to bring a child into the world: if you aren’t going to be a good mum then quit having sex/put a “cap” on it.

3) do you have absolutely any idea how heart wrenching it is for someone struggling to conceive? It is difficult enough being thrilled for friends falling pregnant what feels like left, right and centre, sometimes without even trying – I am thrilled, of course, but I WISH I had the opportunity to be a great mother – but as it turns out – I can’t conceive at the moment. Currently – who knows if I ever will.

I love seeing and hearing about my friends and family: their lives and pictures via social media. That’s why I use it. I do not need to see every one of your friends children pop up in my news feed too because they are “brilliant mothers” in the “motherhood challenge”.
For those that think this is bitter – delete me – bye. To my mother friends – of course you are great mothers – if I thought otherwise then I would report you to social services and I wouldn’t be your friend!

Can we just take some time out to think realistically here people?

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