It’s 2am…

It’s 2am.. I have to be up for a hen weekend at 6am… This is going to be interesting.

For once, I haven’t run… I already did that early Friday evening.. I’m trying to cut back and give my body a break/some change. I haven’t however, still, tried that yoga with Adriene! Perhaps next time… Because next time is guranteed.

I have, however, just had breakfast… I figure it will save me some time that I am clearly going to need for sleeping in the morning.. 🙈

I’m debating walking the dog now as well.. Don’t think he’d be keen on the idea.. Especially as he didn’t just follow me down on the human food scrounge.. I’ve also debated cleaning but I was cold and am now back in bed.. Purely for the warmth as I’m still wide awake. 

What does everyone else get up to in the darkest of nights consumed with insomnia?!


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