Our Rights To Vote; In or Out?

I have always felt like I SHOULD vote in all elections. I suspect this is predominantly because I am female; and drilled into me from a reasonably young age was the knowledge that suffragettes fought long and hard, risking and loosing their families and even their lives, for our rights as women to vote. Even in the last 6 months-or-so, having seen the film “Suffragette” and discovered even more the battles these women went through; the belief that I should always exercise my rights is rooted deep within. And so, since I’ve been legally able, I’ve always voted. It’s unequivocal, non-negotiable; I vote.
I can’t say that my vote has ever been an informed vote. I vote what my parents vote, and, as it would turn out, what the majority of the population votes too. I’m not about to type clearly here what I vote because frankly I cannot be bothered to deal with the agro that comes with the opinion of some mug who believes they are entirely right and no-one else is allowed an opinion. I also know that just from looking at me it can be pretty clear; I’ve had that before. It’s my choice and I’m good with that; regardless of how I got to that choice.
Voting is essentially an opinion like everything else – and everyone is entitled to opinion. We don’t all have to agree but we should be open to different views.

However; I’ve come to the conclusion that perhaps no-ones vote is an informed vote; as we are bombarded so consistently with propaganda. Most days in the last few weeks the post has brought with it yet more wasted paper which heads straight to our recycling box – propaganda upon propaganda from different sides urging us to stay within the EU or get out. We are told only what it is wanted for us to know – and everything else kept schtum. Like I’ve said before; unless you are physically at the forefront of something; you will never know the truth; people’s own experiences and encounters will be biased towards their view of the world, so even that petty childhood playground argument you may hear from a child; you will never know the full truth of because you weren’t there.

FYI; I like to think that as often as possible, my recounts of events and experiences, etc, are as honest as possible and see both sides of a situation.
I know from speaking to friends this weekend, that this vote, somehow feels more important than ever before, and yet I have absolutely no idea if in or out is best.
My husband, has made his mind up. He’s told me what, and why; and out of an instinctual total trust in him (which comes as somewhat of a surprise to me; I love and trust him but on the other hand, trust no one?!) I figured I’d just vote the same as him; he raised good points that are significant to our lives and lifestyle.
However; then I saw some supposedly anonymous opposing views on Facebook which left me questioning again what to do. I say “supposedly anonymous” because the cynic in me doesn’t doubt it is simply more propaganda, from the “powers that be”, but I felt some of the points raised were relevant. So then, I announced to my husband I thought I’d vote opposite to him, explaining those points. He acknowledged that they too were important… Which I felt essentially left us both questioning again! I think my husband’s point of view will remain unchanged; because he felt it was better for his business; which is our life, which in turn is pretty top in our priorities.

On the other hand, I then think; if neither of us really know, why don’t we both vote against each other.. But if the entire population takes this split view, then the results are pointless.

It goes against every grain of will within me to not vote, but another part of me questions – if I’m doing so based on not really knowing what to do and simply providing our household with a split vote by us each voting differently – then is there any point at all? Will we ever gain access to the real truth to enable us to cast our votes with all the knowledge and understanding we need? I doubt it; and yet those rights to vote were fought so hard for.

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