There is no help

Every so often I come up with a new “biggest regret” but right now, it’s accidentally disengaging from mental health services help. This mental health services help that seemed to help me so much initially, that seemed to be so quickly received. Because now, there is none… 

Somerset Partnership Talking Therapies Service has a seemingly endless waiting list, my cautious approaches to private counselling and therapy have been met with “fully booked”, “no longer working privately” or, even simpler – just no response at all. And all alongside this, I’m making myself physically sick due to the inability to sleep, eat properly, make sense of what is whizzing around and around in my mind and I do not know where to go next or what to do. I know this can’t continue but I really, honestly cannot see an end. Not now, not soon, not ever.

I’ll admit, that I have been judging a book by its cover in my approaches for private therapy. On the BABCP register I have looked only for female therapists ~ because right now this is what feels right for me. I’ve looked barely at any qualifications or experience and looked more at their pictures; if they have none, they are automatically out of the running, if I don’t judge them to look familiarly friendly then once more I’ve deemed them unsuitable for me. This obviously narrows down my options but it’s got to work for me, I’ve got to feel comfortable, safe and secure in who I seek help from. That’s important when dealing with mental health, for me anyway.

How have our services got this bad? How has our mental health become so out of control that there is quite literally no help left?


4 thoughts on “There is no help

  1. Hi Karen, I’ve come across your blog and wondering if you’d be interested in sharing your story with us at Mind Our Minds UK? We’re a new charity in its beginning stages, that is looking at Mental Health services in the UK with the aim of improving services and advocating for service users. Contact details attached, would love for you to get in touch. Becca, Social Media Manager for Mind Our Minds UK


  2. Have you been back to your GP Karen? I’m sure you will have done but if you can find the strength you need to make a nuisance of yourself with them. x


    1. I haven’t actually Lesley… my GP (who had been really good and helpful) left in the summer… they will have had a confirmation that I’ve referred for NHS Talking Therapies again but other than that I don’t see much point… 😕 x


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