Special kind of stupid…!

Is it a special kind of stupid that, unable to sleep, gets up at gone 2am to get other stuff done instead… but of course has to investigate if it’s mud or THAT (elusive) spider from the other night on the doormat… only to find it is indeed THAT spider, bigger than originally thought, thus freaking self out so much that the hoover has now been abandoned on said doormat… spiders can’t survive a suck up the tube can they?! 😱😭😰 

Definitely special, right?! Other than organising myself for tomorrow and wrapping a Christmas present, my plans to avoid-screen-time – but encourage-sleep-time (instantly cancelled as I needed a torch to see around the rest of the house in case of more spiders.. 😰) were going to be getting the last of the bins and recycling emptied and out ready for the morning… however, access out of the front door is now abandoned until husband confirms spider is deceased…! Access out of the back door could definitely result in more spiders… so now I’m back to square-minus-1, as I’m now on the screen… convinced there are spiders all over me.. Genius. 🙄

Colouring it is then. (Lesley, if you’re reading this, I’ve now ordered a dot-to-dot…!)


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