A simple act of kindness

What the hell, March!!?! How? When? What?!

Where has 2 months of 2017 gone already? For me, probably mixed up in a never ending serious of {often} medical appointments; various therapists, doctors, nurses, meds, needles; injections & bloods, osteopath, reflexologist, massage.. and trying to relax… something which does not come naturally nor is it easy for me to do.. I am highly strung and easily stressed – and just thinking about that facts stresses and worries me…!!

On the one hand – 22 days to go until my lovely new car 😍 but I don’t want to wish the time away…

I am still not pregnant. Still constantly chasing up IVF appointments which feels like an unnecessary stress! Not being pregnant means I really do now need to get my backside in gear and get training for VLM 2017! It will soon be upon me and 26 miles is a lot in one run..! So this weekend I will set out on an attempt to hit 15 miles, minimum.. please let the weather be good!

I am still, as always, worrying about worrying and stressing out very easily. Even today when it became clear to me that a simple task was actually not at all simple, I noticed myself welling up in tears about how it constantly feels like nothing I do is ever just simple! I do however, feel like after 6 months on the waiting list – and included within that, another four where I had desperately reached out privately to many therapists – I may soon be about to make mental health progress with therapist(s) – finally… 🙏🏾🙌🏾

This evening though, the days unnecessary stresses, anxiety and panic, were put aside within seconds of a simple act of kindness from a stranger [and thinking about it, this has happened to me twice today!] offering me to nip in front of him in a queue (it looked like I’d be quicker – I wasn’t and we ended up leaving together ☠️🤣) . We struck up a little bit of conversation/banter – and frustratingly on my part, I initially struggled to understand his accent; something I’ll probably unnecessarily and stupidly feel guilty about for a long time to come! And yet, I find it calming, humbling I guess, how random, simple conversation can turn your day back around and make all the difference. I feel much “happier” again and calmer as we head into the all important wind down time before bed. And boy do I need that because I am beyond exhausted at the moment; struggling to get up and run in the morning!

Thank you, random act of kindness from random kind stranger(s). x

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