A compromise 

True story 🏃🏽‍♀️😍. Even if every time I hear 👂🏾 the word “activewear” I still can’t get the 🎶doing literally nothing in my activewear🎶 song out my head [ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CYRENWT8lz8 😝]

117 fabulous miles for April done with #RaceAtYourPace @raceatyourpace . Absolute highlight being #VLM – an amazing day, atmosphere and experience that I still can’t stop finding an excuse to talk about! 

Now, as we somehow enter May in just one day {😫}, a very different challenge lies ahead of me.. I’ve been told NOT to exercise. Not to run. Nothing. Not even swapsies for swimming or yoga.

N O T H I N G. This honestly feels like a harder challenge for me both physically and mentally than actually running the [27.5 for me!] seemingly endless miles of the #LondonMarathon .. I’ve discussed it with friends, family, doctors, nurses, and my therapist. Both he and I are concerned at what the consequences of NOT running or exercising at all might be for me. What it might do for my mental health. What it may result in if I start deeming myself too fat. It’s a concern I’ve felt for a long time – that really I’m only the (healthy) weight I am now so that we can have a family. Not eating or making myself sick is far worse than a little running.

I love running. It makes me so happy. It is a huge part of me and has been for years. 

So I’m compromising. Breaking myself in gently. I don’t feel like I can completely give up yet. I feel like it’s right for me to do what I was meant to do 8 months ago, after I ran Cheltenham Half and before I found out I’d won my place in #vlm17 ; just do less, chill out more, but still exercise a little. So I’ve signed up for just the 25 mile challenge for May (because I’m a sucker for a medal 🏅🥇🥈🥉and I neeeed them all 🤣) and that will be my test. 25 miles-ish for May. I might go over slightly, like I’ve done the last 2 months, (I can’t go under for the sake of the all important medal!) but nowhere near the 100+ I’ve been managing, and certainly nowhere near the 200-300+ I used to do! A compromise. A deal. Come on body, let’s make a baby 👶🏻 (or 2 👯…!). It’s time.

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One thought on “A compromise 

  1. Going ‘cold turkey’ on your exercise sounds rather odd advice. Elite athletes have to have special training to adjust from their punishing schedules so surely it must be the same for athletes like you and that you should make haste slowly. I’m sure you’re taking the right course for you. After all there’s a lot of truth in ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ . . . Janice x

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