Lots of blogging at the moment all… this is just a short one with a link to more info, but this resonates with me – not just because of the *possible* PCOS, but also, because I routinely notice what I eat, drink and how much I move, massively affecting my mood.

So, as seen, I spotted this in my Facebook feed a couple of weeks ago. Link to the article is http://pcosdiva.com/2016/04/8-steps-to-managing-your-mood-with-food/

 If you read my blog, you’ll already know I have fertility issues – I don’t ovulate and present with signs of “atypical PCOS”; Fertility Doctors and Nurses don’t think I’m excessively hairy, ultra spotty or overweight which are the 3 biggest indicators of PCOS.. obviously, whilst I am not actually overweight, I disagree. I think I’m far too spotty for an almost 30 year old, my hair is thick and dark (cool on my scalp, could do with some longer eyelashes and my eyebrows are fine, not cool everywhere else.. πŸ‘πŸΎ) and feels like it grows excessively (though I don’t get it on my arms, I have some odd random hairs on my tummy between my belly button and pubic line, which appear to lighten/disappear as I tan {?!} and I don’t need to wait the suggested month before getting waxed; I look like a gorilla 🦍 within 2 weeks) and, as we all know, I think I’m too fat/too heavy/never happy with my weight and constantly measuring and fighting it. I do however, have A LOT of tiny follicles on my ovaries at any given moment; they just don’t seem to want to do anything, hence the question mark around whether I have PCOS or not. I don’t seem able to get a definitive answer either way. Frankly, I’m not consciously that caught up in it.. as long as I just hurry up and conceive with the fertility treatment and help we are receiving…! πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

I do, however, present with mood disorders. All of those mentioned above actually. I was finally diagnosed in 2015 with Anxiety with Depression, which, from that diagnosis and on understanding now (thanks therapy!) has made me realise that anxiety and depression were the umbrella for the anorexia I have suffered on and off for nearly 20 years. Anxiety and depression are the cause; anorexia is the effect, if you like. Anorexia is the release, the “control”, the symptom. I am a healthy weight. I do not look anorexic. However, whilst I would and will frequently deny it until I am blue in the face, I know it still resides within me. I do compulsively exercise. I do frequently watch what I eat. I do weigh myself far too often; sometimes this results in a late night run to shift some pounds [yes, a combination of insomnia and needing to be skinnier has seen me run at midnight, 1am, 5am…] And I do “allow” the thoughts of being too fat and needing to stop eating and start moving to consume me more often that not.

Anyway, my point, of this “was-supposed-to-be-brief-now-quite-long” blog, is that, whilst I am not intolerant to food in general; I have no wheat allergy, or lactose intolerance, I don’t have Crohn’s disease and I can comfortably eat mostly whatever I want [mostly because there is definitely some things what will cause hideously uncomfortable IBS symptoms, but other than crisps which I routinely avoid, I am unsure of what, why or how/when!] BUT, and it is a big but (mine πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜‚!) I am fully aware that if I follow a path of what is considered “clean eating” although in reality is just what we should ALL be eating – what our ancestors ate – I feel a million times better than when I don’t. Now I do and will in the future take vitamins and supplements in tablet forms, but part of me thinks – our ancestors didn’t do this; so why do we? If we eat a healthy, balanced diet then surely that should be enough? I’ve been known in the past to be a fainter, or get “shakey” – and as the above linked article mentions, drops in blood sugar levels are likely responsible for most of this.

 I often bake or “no-bake bake” sweet treats from “natural” ingredients; because I do have a sweet tooth, but eating everything the supermarkets has to offer leaves me feeling fat, miserable and energyless. So there is definitely something to be said about refined sugars, too many [white in particular, for me] carbs and drinking enough water. So for me, minimum 2Litres of water a day, more fruit and veg, less carbs, especially white. I am not vegetarian, so I eat meat; but I also eat quorn mince at times because you can’t taste a difference by the time you’ve turned it into a spag bol/chilli con carne! I have also found that spelt pasta works best for me. It just means I can eat it without feeling energy zapped and bloated. Who knows why, and I don’t go to a restaurant demanding changes or spelt pasta etc (ok I lie, but slightly different; normally I can’t make a decision on one meal so combine bits of 2.. as done for breakfast at Kings Weston House cafe in Bristol last weekend .. I’m a delight πŸ˜‚! Cheers though guys!) and I just generally seem to have [mostly..!] gone off chips and prefer sweet potato chips πŸ’πŸ½ but I don’t think I’m a complete nightmare customer.. just a piggy 🐷! Today for example, I am about to finish up some (beef mince) spag bol but with Sweet Potato/Butternut Squash noodles rather than pasta.. easy way to get more veg in, plus they are quite carby really 😝! I also, when making the spag bol had juiced as well – as ages ago I read about using the pulp [note to self; try not to juice the limes/apples/ginger/turmeric into spag bol… πŸ™„] in spag bol-typed-meals rather than just throwing it away like I used to.. so we got some extra fibre in there too! [the juice is because I often cannot seem to quench my thirst at the moment and that has always been good in the past! A lot of people think I’m crazy and that it looks gross, but I like it and it works for me. I start every day with a smoothie for breakfast.] 

Now, I know you guys aren’t stupid, so take everything with a pinch of salt. There are hundreds of articles and information everywhere about what works and doesn’t work. One week coconut oil is the holy saviour of all life and perfect hair and skin and figures, the next its back dumped in the corner being told it will kill you. Do what works for you. We are all individual and unique, no two of us the same no matter how identical you appear – what works for me may not work for you. If 3 meals of McDonalds a day works for you; great for you (& McDonalds 🍟 I expect!!) But because I over-worry and over-care about everyone, I just want everyone to be and feel their best, and I know this works for me. 

Don’t get me wrong, panic attacks aren’t the only reason I avoid supermarkets. Sometimes I have the willpower to top all willpowers, but others (and this seems to be common recently: I blame all the meds and extra hormones) I just cannot avoid ALL the ice cream, all the Krispy Kreme’s or [Sainsbury’s*] jam doughnuts and I binge (and no, just no – it is very, very rare that I make myself sick after any food [anorexia]. I can’t remember the last time, but I’m fairly sure it hasn’t happened this year. Maybe not even last year.. πŸ˜€πŸ™ŒπŸΎ) just like the rest of us – comfort foods. It is a wonder sometimes that I don’t have Type 2 Diabetes. But eating like this, my body and mind becomes zapped. And I hate feeling that way. I hate feeling like I have no energy for anything: depression does that all by itself so I don’t need to aid it in anyway. Instead, for me, “clean eating” just works. And it works even more so now that spiralzing veg is accessible; either DIY or purchase in the supermarkets. So scrummy! Almond flour in my house is vast replacing plain white flour; “worst case” I tend to use wholemeal: you often cannot tell the difference. Sugar treats are replaced with more natural sugars from fruits or honey. Which leads me to the point of this blog – because my lovely, err… sister-in-law-to-be-but-they-aren’t-engaged (πŸ˜…) brought me these amazing home-made snacks recently and oh my gosh, they taste like healthier versions of snickers 😍 so here, lovely people is the receipe. Not my recipe, not my “fake”-sister-in-laws; she found online and shared with me, and I just feel like the world needs to have these in their lives! So simple and easy to make. Happy Karen. πŸ‘°πŸ½ (why is there no Princess emoji!!?!)

~ side note, I also used Cacao Powder rather than Cocoa Powder because I had no Cocoa left, and I’m happy to report they don’t taste super bitter so are also that little bit more “clean” πŸ˜€ http://12tomatoes.com/healthy-sugarfree-cookies-nobake-chocolate-oat-cookies/

TASTES LIKE SNICKERS 🀀(gutted the recipe didn’t make more!!)

And because it makes me happy, here’s a couple of my other favourite “sweet treat” easy to make healthier, cleaner, energy providing-rather-than-zapping, recipes – all found online or sent to me by friends πŸ’•

https://blog.kitchenaid.com/fig-and-almond-energy-bites-recipe/ (These are perfect for a quick, pre-parkrun “breakfast” as I don’t normally find the time, or particularly need or like to eat much before a smaller morning run)

Fig/Date/Almond/Peanut Butter energy balls

https://deliciouslyella.com/2015/08/15/raw-chocolate-orange-brownies/ (According to a friend who had no oranges, but lemons/limes in stock at hers, they work just as well and sound delightful!) here’s my most recent batch:

Deliciously Ella chocolate orange brownies

A couple more things I feel the need to highlight:

1) stored in an airtight container in the fridge, these all last absobloodylutely AGES 😍

2) switch in and out ingridients as you need/please. I.e. I rarely buy almond butter because I prefer peanut, I keep cacao rather than cocoa because of the raw, more natural content – it all works and tastes yummy 🀀

*Sainsburys are the best. Don’t even bother bringing me Tesco own brand jam doughnuts 🍩🀣 but probably, for the sake of my health, just don’t bring me any jam doughnuts πŸ˜‚
Edit – P.S. I meant to add this, but ladies – if you are recently diagnosed PCOS and feel all doom and gloom, don’t. I have SO many lovely stories of young ladies (friends of friends, old colleagues, etc) diagnosed with PCOS who’ve then stopped all contraception and conceived without trying. Or been told after their first that they have PCOS (not sure if it can “suddenly” develop?!) I’m not saying this will happen for you, but, just to say; it’s happened. 

#PCOS #Fertility #FertilityAwareness #Infertility #InfertilitySucks #InfertilityAwareness #OvulationInduction #IUI #IVF 


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