Safari; Pumba Private Game Reserve 

Safari selfie!
Well well well… who the heck knew it was so cold in Africa?! My top tip for anyone travelling to South Africa would be to make sure you pack layers! I almost didn’t, but thanks to a friend who was out in Cape Town a few days before us – when the weather was cloudy and windy – I last minute threw in my mac and some leggings to the suitcase and I am SO glad I did – or I’d have been freezing on safari in shorts!! Fortunately, when it’s super cold they give you hot water bottles and fleece lined ponchos on the game drives.. (They also put hot water bottles in bed at turn down time, and left short little bedtime stories!! – LUSH 😍 I slept SO well on Safari what with all the cosyness and big beautiful comfy bed and thick heavy duvet!)

BFG++++ sized poncho?!

We had chosen (with the aid of our travel agent) Pumba Private Game Reserve for safari and I am SO glad we did. What an incredible place. It is considered one of the “smaller” game reserves at only 6,500 hectares.. 🙄😂 but we absolutely couldn’t (really*) fault it… * the “really” being there was a few odd elements of disorganisation but they were more just weird rather than an issue of any sorts. We loved it at Pumba and will definitely be back… now please?!

Beautiful unknown flower found at Pumba Water Lodges

There are two options of accommodation at Pumba – the water lodges and bush lodges. We stayed at water lodge which meant we looked out over a big watering hole were there were hippo’s. Obviously, because of where we stayed I would say this was the best lodge, but really I don’t think there is any difference between the two. Bush lodge, as per the name, is surrounded by bush… Each lodge seemed to be huge, all with log burners, beautiful big, cosy beds, huge showers and baths and massive patio’s with plunge pools. It was amazing and I didn’t want to leave our little home! And one of the things we loved the most – not a television in sight, anywhere. It meant  we chatted and had drinks and a laugh with the other guests there at the same time us as rather than dozing off at night to random foreign tv. Bliss!

Pano of our room. Ensuite off to the left.

Depending what activities you get yourselves involved in between game drives, you can visit the other lodges. You can have lunch or dinner at whichever lodge you aren’t staying at if you want, but I imagine they’re pretty similar. There are loads of extra curricular activities to get involved with if you like. We had a good go at archery (loved it!)

2020 Olympics here I [don’t] come.. 🏹

…And I even ate a termite at one point!!


There seemed to be no rhyme or reason (we suspected when sightings were low 😢) but on a couple of occasions we had sundowner cocktails and nibbles, or morning warmers (hot chocolate with Amurula 🤤) which was a nice little way to chat and make friends with not only our jeep “full” (we mostly only had one other couple.. and following on from Cape Town blog, of course they were Irish 😉😅) but also whoever else we pulled up next to. Our jeep, was Team Ingwe 🐆😊 We had a brilliant Ranger, Daniel who was a laugh, taught us some Afrikaans and would crack us up with things like “this warthog died naturally – he was naturally caught and eaten by the lions.” 🤣

Team Ingwe! 🐆
Sundowners 🍷🥂🍾🍹🥃
At Pumba, they have the “Big 5” so if you’re lucky, you’ll see them all. We got the “Big 4” as the leopards didn’t fancy playing game – and hadn’t been seen for 2.5 weeks or so prior to our arrival! We were sad not to see one, but as James always says, you’ve got to leave something to come back for (as if I needed an excuse for more Safari!)

Nevertheless, I spent the few days we had on Safari having an incredible time, seeing and falling in love with ALL the animals and amusing myself with some great animal selfies {see below}…! (We did see Cheetah 🐆 too but not close enough for a selfie! 😂)

I’m just gonna finish up with a super emotional little story.. When we arrived at Pumba, sadly an elephant had passed away. Conveniently however, the elephant had done so in a ditch right by one of the main drive routes which meant we got to see the lion’s waiting for the skin to soften to eat said elephant, super close. On our last day though, another lone (male) elephant stumbled upon the dead elephant and we got to see him spend a few minutes saying his goodbyes – trunk touching the dead elephant, just like a human might touch a coffin or a gravestone. SO EMOTIONAL – definitely my spirit animal!! 🐘😭😭

Monkey Selfie! 🐒🤳🏽
Elephant selfie! 🐘🤳🏽
Rhinoceros selfie! 🦏🤳🏽
Impala selfie! 🦌🤳🏽
Giraffe selfie! (😩) 🤳🏽
(Female) white lion selfie! 🦁🤳🏽
Millicent Millipede 😁

We will definitely be back 😍 x

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