You’re a bit late for April fools aren’t you, Boots? I am pretty surprised to see a brand like you send something so narrow minded out to pregnant women?

I’m well and truly over all the utter BS that people sometimes come out with, despite my own issues with my weight/body image/anorexia, etc. but this kind of rubbish can be damaging to others. Hundreds of people suffer from eating disorders and die from them every year and yet you come out with rubbish like this? I’m 21+5 and I’ve gained 12kg already. Am I thrilled about it? Nope. Do I feel completely enormous and disgusting even though all I’ve ever wanted (& after a heartbreaking 3.5 years of trying) is to carry my own healthy baby? Absolutely. Will I continue eating what I want/need in order to support my unborn baby? Without a shadow of a doubt.

I’m expecting a 4 stone weight gain during pregnancy if I continue to gain like this. That’s more like 24kg. I’d rather not, but that’s life – and I know for certain I am not the first, nor will I be the last women to gain far more than 10-12kg in pregnancy.

I’m disappointed that a conglomerate like you would feed such utter rubbish to hundreds of women who just need support during pregnancy.

Oh and PS. Despite the huge weight gain so early on, I haven’t yet developed a single stretch mark. But I’ll be sure to head somewhere else now to purchase my cocoa butter/bio oil.

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