~ F E E L I N G M A N I C ~

I thought I hadn’t had this feeling in a while, and I wasn’t expecting it any time soon. I don’t know how I’ve got it now, or where I’ve got it from.. it’s normally born from a period of dire insomnia or food restriction.. But both are ok at the moment.. yet still I feel super high, like I can do anything, be anything, confident, happy and chatty to anyone, my usually low “people tolerance” feels heightened (which I love because it makes me kinder which in turn makes me happier) and I basically feel like I’m flying. It usually comes with a bad crash though, although, I wonder if this time will be different..

Anyway, regardless I am very pleased to see I am the Strava female leader (out of only 21, but still, I never lead!) for the “Stockmoor Incline” at home! The record was set over a year ago when I was fitter.. so I hope no one over takes me as I don’t think I’ll get it back 😂
#mentalhealthmatters #kindnessismagic #mentalhealthawareness #anxiety #depression #eatingdisorders #anorexia #run #runner #running #strava #endorphinjunkie #leader #femalelead #stockmoorincline #somerset 

One thought on “~ F E E L I N G M A N I C ~

  1. Just so you know, I LOVE YOU. You are my precious daughter, the love of my life. You are delicate, like an orchid. You mean more to me than the air that I breathe. You are Karen, my most wonderful daughter. XXX


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